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Click on any of the links below to read more about some exciting and creative Public Space Judaism programs. Please note, however, that each document is only brief synopsis of the program.

If you decide you would like to bring one of JOI's programs to your community, we will provide you with a free step-by-step implementation guide and any other support or assistance you may require along the way. You can simply e-mail Eva Stern or call 212-760-1440 for all of the necessary information and materials you'll need to help you facilitate a program.

JOI's Public Space Judaism Programs

Color-Me Calendar for the Jewish New Year (For families with young children)
At the end of August/beginning of September (depending on when school begins in the local community), families with children are focused on back-to-school shopping. This program takes place in stores that sell office and school supplies, or a mall where back-to-school shopping takes place and involves several exciting activities, such as calendar decorating and givaways, that you can use to "draw" in and engage newcomers.

Passover In The Matzah Aisle
Since Passover is one of the most celebrated holidays in the Jewish community, families flock to the grocery store in the preceding weeks to stock up on boxes of Matzah. This program teaches you how to take advantage of this outreach opportunity by engaging newcomers and providing not only delicious samples of Passover food, but also educational material to help enhance their holidays.

Eight Days of Oil: Hanukkah Olive Oil Tasting (for adults)
Recognizing the growing international popularity of gourmet olive oils, this program takes place in high-traffic commercial areas such as gourmet food stores to reach adults-- especially young adults-- and make the connection between oil, light, and the Hanukkah holiday through engaging handouts and conversation.

Hands-On Hanukkah (for families with young children)
Engage families with young children not yet connected to Jewish life through kid-friendly, multi-sensory Hanukkah activities. Held in secular family-friendly locations like shopping malls, this program incorporates cookie decorating, arts and crafts, games, and contests that teach the whole family about the traditions and story of Hanukkah.

More Programs for Families with Young Children:
Sunday In The Park With Bagels: Jewish Holiday Food Sampling
Many Jewish holidays have special foods that are usually prepared and eaten only once a year. Whether it's apples and honey on Rosh Hashanah or Matzah on Passover, this program is designed to bring all those special foods to one place. The event presents as many as seven Jewish holidays through a food and arts festival that can take place in a park or playground on a Sunday in nice weather.

Cookies For You, Food For Others: Hamantaschen Filling For Purim
This is a program that takes place in a free-standing supermarket or bakery, in which participants have the opportunity to take part in several interactive and engaging activities. Do you like your hamantaschen filled with chocolate or apricot? It's all up to you!

More Programs for Adults:
Up All Night: A Community Shavuot Celebration
As summer approaches and the days become longer, many people may want to start spending more of their evenings in social contexts outside of their homes. This program can take place in the late evening at a large bookstore with a coffee shop, where you can host book readings or an accessible presentation on Jewish topics while offering free coffee/refreshements throughout.

Purim Masquerade Extravaganza
Who doesn't like to dress up for a party? This is a program that provides twenty and thirty somethings with a low cost or free night at a bar, cafe or club that can include any or all of the following: costumes, contests, dancing, comedy, and karaoke.

More Than Manischewitz: Purim Wine Tasting
Invite friends, family and neighbors to your favorite wine shop where trained outreach staff and wine store employees offer tastings and material about the holiday in an effort to engage them more deeply in the spirit of Purim.

More programs coming soon!

Incorporating JOI's Public Space Judaism Methodology

Fitting Israel In Public Space Judaism
Here you'll find ideas for bringing elements of Israel into programs in neutral, public spaces, including suggestions for program locations, the most opportune times of the year to organize them and the best scenarios for collaboration. Done properly, these programs will help bring Israel to Jews on the periphery.

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